Robert’s ’87 GN

Robert’s ’87 GN is a daily driver and part-time track and show car:

I live in the Phoenix area, and I have been one of Nick’s customers since 2010. I have a 1987 GN that I bought in 2010 from a guy in northern Pennsylvania with help from Nick and Jay of Jay’s GN. I then drove it home to Phoenix with the help of my brother-in-law. It made for a memorable trip but with no drama or breakdowns! I have always wanted a TR since the year I graduated high school (summer of ’87) and I was over at a friend’s house and a guy came over with a GN. I knew that they were fast and I wanted a ride. Well, I never forgot that ride and have wanted one ever since!

Mine is a T-top car, which was a must for me. Gotta love the T-tops! When I picked it up it had 43,000 original miles, a nice restoration, including recent paint, new interior, and the 1990’s Kenne Bell catalog thrown at it.

When I was in the market for a fun car to take to the track and cruise around with my family I thought of a GN. I found Nick (who was literally just a couple of miles from my work) and asked if a GN would make a good daily driver and part time track and show car. He said sure and helped me find my GN. Nick is and has been invaluable and I probably would not have bought my GN if it was not for him. If you are lucky enough to have TR folks around, hold on to them, as they are invaluable for the assistance and camaraderie.

Once these things get under your skin you are hooked for life!


  • 91/ E85
  • Stock ECM (with Scanmaster and Powerlogger)
  • TurboTweak SD2 chip
  • KB 70mm throttle body
  • DW fuel pump/ hotwire, modified FP hanger, supply & return lines
  • modified KB adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • 80lb injectors
  • upgraded valve springs
  • PLX wideband
  • TA-49 turbo
  • re-stalled converter
  • ArizonaGN “10 second” trans
  • KB headers
  • 2 1/2″ exhaust and Dynomax mufflers
  • ArizonaGN high-efficiency radiator
  • Hughes deep sump trans pan
  • Bilstein shocks
  • Metco Motorsports aluminum lower rear control arms & ICM brackets
  • HD swaybar
  • Baer SS4 front disk brake upgrade and vacuum booster
  • Custom stereo system w/ finished trunk

The goal for my GN is for a low to mid 11’s fun street and show car.