My TR race car

My Race Car-

I know a race car can be a big hit on the budget, and the major expensive is the engine.

The first production TA alum block has been in this car since the early 2000’s, and has been extremely reliable. Since it was time for a complete rebuild I decided last year to install a production block with the same forged internals and heads, as well as other supporting parts including a 70mm HPQ turbo.

The only mod done to this 4.1 block is 2 steel center caps, and it was built to the same quality and specs that we do in our street 4.1 and 3.8 builds.

The car was converted from 116 octane race fuel to e-85 over a year ago and has performed just as well as before, if not better.

Yesterday the track prep was great, and weather was about 70 deg. without a cloud in sight.

The car and engine performance was flawless and I made 4 runs all in the 9.80 range at 17 psi!

If your combination is properly chosen, the car dialed in for the desired performance envelope, and the tune is refined to deliver safe HP throughout the required range, 7000 RPM in my case, you can have a reliable car to fit your needs and budget, even if it is not at the 9 sec. level!

Oh, this car has current registration and is insured for street use, but will be equipped with 11″ street radials then.